Keith Huntington provides professional services in Sustainable Architecture and Homestar® assessments, as well as Mediation, and Construction Contracts Act adjudication dispute resolution.  The Architectural Consultancy ranges from computer modelling of the Passive Solar performance of buildings and NZBC-H1 compliance analysis, through sustainable building design to forensic architectural investigations and expert evidence reporting.    

Keith is a New Zealand Registered Architect (RAB#1372 in private practice who in 1991 established Dispute Settlement Associates to undertake commercial mediations, and later Construction Contracts Act adjudications.  He is a Fellow of both the New Zealand Institute of Architects and the Arbitrators' & Mediators' Institute of NZ, and is on the AMINZ Panel of Mediators and their List of CCAct Adjudicators.  He is also a member of RESOLUTION INSTITUTE's (formerly LEADR) Panel of Advanced Mediators.

Keith's architectural career began with a Ministry of Works, (MoW), educational scholarship to Auckland University and he worked in both Head and Wellington District Offices of the MoW so as to gain N.Z. registration before travelling to England for three years.  While in England he gained UK Architect Registration, (recently resigned from).  He returned to architectural employment in Wellington before joining Toomath Wilson Irvine Anderson Ltd which later re-formed into Toomath Irvine Huntington Ltd, and is now EcoRate Ltd to reflect the energy usage, sustainable architecture, Homestar® and specialist consultancy services now offered.

Starting in London, Keith undertook studies in arbitration and later, in New Zealand, he gained a Diploma of Business Studies (Dispute resolution) and studied to become an Adjudicator for Construction Contracts Act 2002 Adjudications.

Through EcoRate Ltd Keith provides a range of professional services relating to the Passive Solar design of standalone dwellings, medium-density housing, apartments, etc., using AccuRateNZ thermal simulation computer modelling.  These include:

  • With regard to Passive Solar performance – evaluation, as secondary consultant, of the design, planning, materials and construction of proposed and existing buildings,
  • Assessment of compliance with the NZ Building Code – clause H1 (Energy Efficiency) by the Modelling and Verification Methods,
  • Objective analysis of dwellings to establish the Network Energy deficit, (electricity, gas, oil-based fuels, etc), required to bring them up to internationally recognized comfort levels. This is for both heating and cooling performance,
  • Providing the calculated hourly temperatures for each room within the dwelling, (including the roof, subfloor and garage spaces), as used by the software to establish the network energy deficit. This spreadsheet can be used as a Brief for the design of the Occupier’s preferred heating/cooling systems and appliances.

Keith is able to provide comment, advice and assessments of proposed, new and existing houses, medium-density projects, & apartment complexs regarding their star-rating under the Homestar® evaluation process administered by the NZ Green Building Council.  Starting with Auckland and Christchurch, cities and town throughout NZ are beginning to offer planning and financial incentives to Developers if particular Homestar® ratings are achieved for multiple dwelling projects.  Keith has been an accredited Homestar® Assessor and Practitioner since 2012  (Reg.No. 6868) .

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CONTACT DETAILS:    Please feel free to contact Keith for his C.V. and summary of experience.

Keith Huntington - B.Arch, Dip.Urb.Val, Dip Bus.Stud(Disp.Res), FNZIA, FAMINZ(Med), LEADR Registered Architect (RAB# 1372) and NZGBC Homestar™ Practitioner & Assessor (reg# 6868)